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Outlook users may be accustomed in using the search tool Xobni as a contact or client messages via e-mail. Xobni services can now be used on BlackBerry. No need to shift the long list of contacts, BlackBerry owner now can search it using Xobni Mobile applications.

Xobni Mobile applications make user BlackBerry easier to organize contact list. Xobni Mobile applications raises rank for every person based on how often you communicate with them. These features will make easier search than sliding your long contacts list.

Xobni Mobile applications also count how often you are visiting a social network site, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Each account will be ranked based on how often you are accessing them.

The display of this application is similar to the appearance of Palm's WebOS or Android, as MotoBlur. You can access your contact list via the app or compose window from BlackBerry email application.

Xobni also launched Xobni One, connection information services between the desktop outlook inbox and Xobni Mobile. This service can only be used on BlackBerry handsets 5.0 version or higher. Other good news is, Xobni will go to apply this application to other smart phones.