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Digital camera is one of the required items if you want to capture your happy moments. Today there is no need to buy expensive digital camera because today on the market available cheap digital camera but of course with best quality, let say under $100. Interesting price for best quality digital camera don`t you think???

One of the best quality digital camera choices is Genius as a best brand of digital cameras made by world-class digital devices manufacturers from Taiwan. Genius today, introducing the new G-Shot 900 digital camera at a price about $60.

Cheap does not mean have low quality because the image from G-Shot 900 digital camera can be made with 9.0 MP resolutions. Genius Digital camera G-Shot using 900 resolutions with 9.0 MP CMOS image sensor and 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen. In fact, with the help of interpolation software, the image quality claimed can be improved up to 16 MP.

The design is also quite slim and elegant with a silver warrants. G-Shot 900 digital camera had 6 shooting features mode: Auto, Sports, Night, Potrait, Landscape and Backlight. Also have 8x digital zoom to enlarge the view from distant objects. In addition, there was continuous shooting feature and slide show playback.

This digital camera also acts as a video camera that can record video with 640x480 and 320x240 resolution with sound so you can play back the video on your PC. What do you think about this new Genius digital camera???

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