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After launching Samsung SCH-W510 mobile phone, Samsung launch new Samsung Reclaim mobile phone product that have same environmentally friendly material with Samsung SCH-W510 mobile phone that made from corn (corn-based bio-plastics).

This Samsung SCH-W510 mobile phone is very quite interesting. Usually as you are all know most of environment-friendly mobile phone is have ordinary model form or we can say that they are does not even looks interesting and attractive, but different with Samsung Reclaim that seen having interesting and attractive models.

80% of Samsung Reclaim mobile phone material made from corn (which has been extracted) has a QWERTY keyboard, 3G, GPS, 2 MP camera and Bluetooth. But hey it`s not only the new Samsung Reclaim that environmentally friendly. The Samsung Reclaim mobile phone packaging is also made from materials that can be recycled.

Samsung Reclaim mobile phone start sold through a phone company service providers, Sprint in the United States also pledged that every Samsung Reclaim mobile phone sales, they will donated U.S. $ 2.00 to the Nature Conservancy's Adoft an Acre. Awesome.