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Paying the price is quite expensive, was not enough to provide adequate security for you as 3GS iPhone user to save your private data. 3GS iPhone recently reported that their 3GS iPhone encryption appeared very fragile and very easy to crack.

You must be so carefully to save your credit card data important data in it because according to the experts and several iPhone developers, now the iPhone 3GS still very fragile and so easily to crack.

"I think not all of the developers have seen how the implementation of the encryption product, which was very fragile, it is very difficult to explain why this can happen and become a major threat to data security." Said Jonathan Zdziarski.

Even at this time, only with free software, you just need 2 minutes to extract the data apart and make the files only within 45 minutes, he said.

Until this moment Apple is still trying to fix this rift and add other features that appeal to their users. And this was indeed attracting many attentions. Almost 20 percent of Fortune 100 Company has purchased 10,000 units iPhone per company.

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t_volts said... @ August 4, 2009 at 10:30 PM

ya i did cracking some 3Gs..

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