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The use of computer now have a big different with decade ago. Since last year, the computer technology requires must have energy-efficient advantages, environmentally friendly, create in small form and easy to carry. Energy consumption and size are the main attraction of computers today, especially for desktop category.

Some companies also continue to produce environmentally-friendly computers, small form and can be moved around, and futuristic design capable to reflecting users technological progress and in accordance with the user's interior design dream.

Today Dell, which is supplied various types and kinds of information communications technology, started to introduce a different desktop computer with 10 years ago which is too stiff with gray color and having shape of boring rectangular boxes that not look attractive in the room. Dell desktop computers presents a series called Studio Hybrid 140g, designed in packaging choices of colorful futuristic.

Hybrid 140g using Intel Core2Duo T8100 processor with 2.1 GHz speed also have 2 GB of memory and storage capacity of 230 GB, making Hybrid 140g with integrated optical systems using a sliding mechanism as a complete desktop computer. When two 24 inches monitor (60.96 cm diagonal) being used, the digital experience in digital multimedia and digital social networks becomes completed.

Dell Studio Hybrid 140g was designed to follow his predecessor desktop computers with various fittings, including multimedia socket for SD Card or CF Card. In fact, the Studio Hybrid 140g is also equipped with stereo sound system with digital output system S / PDIF 5.1 channel.

Dell Studio Hybrid 140g using widescreen that give fun for variety of simultaneously activity, also user possible to share the monitor because Dell Studio Hybrid 140g provide the cable that allows user to install two monitors, one for accessing social networks Facebook purposes and others to listen music videos on YouTube.

Dell Studio Hybrid 140g uses recycling materials and using energy-efficient components as well. So because of it Dell Studio Hybrid 140g has affordable prices. The only problem on Dell Studio Hybrid 140g is when user doing multimedia activities at the same weight, felt that graphics chipset is not sufficient to respond to user events.