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Hardware Company based on Texas, Spawn Labs recently has launched a device that allows users to watch TV from a distance and at the same time to play video games. HD-720 hardware is having affordable prices around $ 200 or equal to Microsoft's Xbox 360 console price.

Spawn HD-720 can be connected to the game system, including the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, also to the TV to play games at home.

If you are also install the free software HD-720 on your computer, you can log into the Spawn Labs website and play remote game in real time, using a video game controller that is inserted into a USB computer port or keyboard.

Spawn Labs show this product in the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco, which also shows how to connect the game when user wants to play games with long distance friend.

In addition, users also can allow friends to access this online console and then play games from a computer wherever they were. When a remote user wants to play games more than one person, then Spawn Labs provides the adapter for only $ 30 that can be inserted in the rear HD-720 console box, to enable the group games.