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It will be hard to tell about 'expensive component ' from 13 inches Sony Vaio Z, because, the designs is no differed with previous Sony Vaio model.

Even when we open Sony site and comparing VPC-Z115GG with previous models, it is still difficult to search significant difference. This happen because Sony Vaio is very strict for their high end product design.

Conventional design is still remain retained because Sony Vaio target is very clear, executives and businessmen. And until now, the designs is bring success for Vaio as the best high end laptop producers.

To recognize the difference between VPCZ115GG with previous model will needed slightly austerity. Unlike its two brothers, VPC-Z116GG and VPCZ117GG which is having larger size, this variant released with compact size, Full HD Display (13.1 inches wide). With 1:42 kg of weight (light as netbook) obviously VPC-Z115GG is better for mobile activity.

Sony Vaio Z VPC-Z115GG carved from carbon materials on the upper cover and single aluminum in palm rest. This material makes Sony Vaio Z VPC-Z115GG very light in weight, but retains the durability or high resilience. Keyboard backlight with support from Ambient Light Sensor complements the keyboard.

VPCZ115GG using NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M GPU with CUDA Technology also immersed a Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System.

For the processors VPCZ115GG is using Intel Core i5-540M Processor 2.53 GHz combined with 4 GB RAM DDR3, clearly well for heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premiere or heavy games.

With three USB port for ease data transferring, VPCZ115GG equipped with storing capacity data amounting 500 GB (Serial ATA, 7200 rpm). Capacity storage like this are more than enough to store all important data users, whether movie file, music, pictures, gaming, applications, and other. Immersed also DVD player which is allows users enjoying movies or song.

Sony Vaio Z worked within Windows 7 Professional 64 - bit operating system for faster in unlock or to load application. Exclusive, simple, and luxurious design with features nearly made Sony Vaio Z laptop can do anything, big HDD capacities, and the lightweight fulfilled by Sony Vaio Z.