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To have the Kindle, users now do not have to buy the device separately. Amazon now allows Mac users to read the documents in Kindle application which is already integrated with the computer.

This e book reader application will make Mac has the same function with Amazon Kindle. After downloading the compatible application with Apple OS X, Mac users can download approximately 450,000 digital books that can be read directly from the computer.

In addition, users can access Amazon library features to buy digital book, see the notes, also experienced other functions of Kindle, including the possibility to read the book in a rich display of color.

In the future Amazon also rumored will improve Kindle performance, by adding editing features that allow users to change, add or make notes and highlights, as well as additional search features with full text formats.

"Kindle for Mac is a pretty useful application for business people. For those who do not have Kindle, the application for the Mac is a good step to access and read popular books directly," said Director Amazon Kindle, Jay Marine.

In addition to Mac, Amazon also will make the same application to integrate Kindle with iPad.