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In automotive world Porsche brand is quite respectable. But what if Porsche were involved in mobile phone market?

Recently Porsche Design, a subsidiary of German manufacturer recently launched a new mobile phone P9522 Black which is sold exclusively for Porsche car owners.

Porsche Design P9522 black mobile phone Black is the latest mobile phone series launched in Singapore. There are only 1600 units Porsche P9522 which equal to the number of Porsche car owners who can buy Porsche P9522 phone from an authorized distributor, Stuttgart Auto, Singapore.

Porsche Design P9522 black mobile phone is made by Sagem Wireless. The Porsche P9522 design is combined with a layer of aluminum non gloss black glass and minerals and the features offered on Porsche P9522 mobile phone is user fingerprint sensor.

For the price Porsche P9522 is sold for 1064 pounsterling or approximately three times form Blackberry or iPhone price in Singapore.

Porsche Design P9522 Black Features :
- A 2.8 inch miner glass touch screen.
- Have biometric fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone.
- Wi-Fi connectivity
- Support EDGE and GPRS.
- MicroSD memory card support
- An integrated GPS chip
- 5MP camera.
- Audio player
- Video player
- F.M.
- etc.