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Mind reader computer which is developed in Germany, for the first time being exhibited to the public in the largest annual technology event in Germany, CeBIT.

Mind reader computer device allows users to type or play the game such as 'Pinball' without using a hand but with the power of the mind.

A large crowd of visitors can see the demo of this mind reader machine at CeBIT arena. A man seated at a table game 'Pinball', wearing a head cover that covered with electrodes on the entire head cover surface. The headgear read the user minds then translates it to move the wing to play Pinball.

"He just has to think about using the left or right hand and the electrode on the headgear will monitor his brain waves associated with his thought. After that, the information which is obtained by the electrode was sent to a computer which then moves the Pinball controller," said scientist Michael Tangerman from Berlin Brain Computer interface.

This technology was not created just for pleasure but also designed so that one day could save someone's life. Scientists who developed the computer are still doing research to find a way to monitor the brain to increase motorist's reaction time when faced with an accident.