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Opera continues to develop their browser Opera Mini into a variety of mobile platforms. Recently the Norwegian browser preparing Opera Mini to run on Windows platform Phone, which is Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Phone 6.5.

"Windows Mobile decent to use a surfing tool which is better in handling and delivery, rather than the general surfing tool," said Dag Olav Norem, Vice President for Opera Software products.

"Although Opera has satisfied 50 million Opera Mini users, we are always seeking to improve our browsing tool for all mobile phone users. Now, we are happy to offer best applications surfing tool in the world on mobile applications," he added.
The traditional Opera Mini requires Java tools, but not with the new version of Windows Mobile, which means that Opera Mini will work on all Windows based mobile phone.

In addition, Opera Mini 5 Beta for Windows Mobile includes many features, one of them are the basic version of Java.