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The German manufacturer of tablet PCs boast to challenge Apple tablet, iPad. They promised have more sophisticated technology than Apple iPad such as bigger screen, webcam and USB ports.

Tablet named WePad was rumored to have larger screens than Apple iPad, which is approximately 29.5 centimeters. WePad equipped with chips made by Intel and armed with Linux based software. WePad certainly be compatible with Google Android and the whole Flash application.

Unfortunately, some gadget observers stated that WePad is not 'iPad killer, because iPad itself already many loyal fans under Apple brand.

WePad confirmed use open system. Two USB ports will allow users to connect WePad with any device, from an external keyboard to a USB stick. Moreover, if users want to put music into the device, no longer need additional software, unlike Apple iPad which requires iTunes software.

For the regular version which is equipped with Wifi and 16 gigabytes of storage, WePad is sold at USD850, whereas a larger series with 32 gigabytes of storage and 3G modem valued at USD900.

So who is the winner???