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iPad euphoria apparently make people forgetting about the launch of the latest Apple MacBook Pros.

Recently Apple has just released a new promising MacBook Pro speed processor performance and longer battery life.

An updated version of this MacBook is made in multiple versions based from screen size such as 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. Indeed this Mac Book Pro launch even is losing their prestigious moment with iPad because this latest MacBook Pro has been predicted will be coming to the market since a year ago.

Apple seems committed to continually updating their products. Even the MacBook Pro with a size 15 and 17 inches, each is equipped with Intel's latest chip, Core i5 and i7.

Based on Apple's official description, 13 inch MacBook Pro has a battery life, approximately 10 hours of usage time and graphics processors, which is 80 percent faster than previous models. While for 15 and 17 inch sizes claimed 50 percent faster than previous generations.

With a faster processor, awesome graphics and 3 hours longer battery life, MacBook Pro will provide better performance and efficiency, both inside and outside.

All the latest Apple MacBook Pro is already available in Apple Store with the following prices,

13-inch, 2.4 GHz: USD1, 199
13-inch, 2.66 GHz: USD1, 499

15-inch, 2.4 GHz: USD1, 799
15-inch, 2:53 GHz: USD1, 999
15-inch, 2.66 GHz: USD2, 199

17-inch, 2:53 GHz: USD2, 299