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Nokia made N900 as open smart phone to provide experience for user to surf on the internet as well as surfing through a PC.

After successfully presenting Fennec, a mobile version of Firefox in Nokia N900, Nokia now installed Google Chrome. This browser tool was deliberately presented in a special platform Maemo operating system, which has recently used by Nokia N900.

The Google Chrome will run on 32-bit Debian. Although the title is “mobile version”, the fact is actually a desktop browser version that was ported to Nokia N900, user may want to overclock on their cell phones to make it work faster.

There is a few a bugs but Google Chrome on Nokia N 900 is stable enough to be used. Although Google Chrome is already used in Nokia N900, Google itself has not officially announced the presence of their browser. However, if seeing the test results that have been done, predicted Google Chrome version for Nokia N900 will get a positive response.