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Recently Google has updated Google Maps for Blackberry services and adds some new features. This update was done simultaneously with the availability of Google Maps for Apple iPhone and Google Android operating systems.

Google Maps version 4.0 has many interesting capabilities such as searches with voice commands, Google Buzz social networking service, etc.

Blackberry Owners now can find a location by giving voice commands. This command can be a phrase or address. Previously, this feature already exists for iPhone and Android.

Additionally, Google Maps 4.0 also features Google Buzz for mobile phone. This social networking service will focus on the geological Buzz features. This means Blackberry owner can find out and inform the other about what's happening around the location.

This latest Google Maps also allows Blackberry users to personalize and save the result. Blackberry owners are no longer need to type a long address if it is ever to find the address before, because Google will provide some search suggestions.

This application can be downloaded from m.google.com/maps from Blackberry devices.