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Microsoft latest project which is known as "Project Pink" once again back up to the surface. The latest rumor says, Microsoft will announce this project next week!!!

"Project Pink" itself is Microsoft code for naming their new cell phone. Pink project reportedly will come with two types of cell phones and will be sold through Verizon Wireless cellular service.

This Microsoft cell phone will be targeted at users of social networking sites fanatic. About the series of this Microsoft cell phones are still unknown, including whether this cell phone is a Zune Phone or not.

Even has been reportedly that Microsoft has appointed Sharp as a creator of this mobile phones. And is also rumored that Microsoft will announce it next week. The reason is some US journalists had received a formal invitation to "Project Pink" launch even.

As is known, this is Microsoft way to compete in the wireless industry by selling their Windows Mobile software to multiple handset manufacturers, but Microsoft has lost their market share from Apple, Google, and other software companies.

Moreover, Windows Mobile lost their market share very quickly. According to comScore data, market share for Windows Mobile tumbled as much as 4 percent to 15.1 percent.