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The increasing popularity of 3D TV made Samsung has to warned people especially pregnant women, drunken people and sleep deprivation are prohibited to watch 3D TV, because user may experience disorientation.

Samsung also said that people with stroke or epileptic risk should consult with their health professional, before watching 3D TV. When watching 3D TV, user must wear special glasses with lenses that open and close faster to produce images that leap off the screen.

Watching 3D television can also cause disturbed perception, disorientation, eye fatigue and decreased stability.

Users are advised to rest to reduce the potential effects. If your eyes are showing a signs of fatigue or drought, or if you have the above symptoms, immediately stop using 3D TV and do not continue using it for at least 30 minutes.

The warning indicates that some 3D TV viewers may be missing their orientation, where they could fall and injure themselves.

Therefore, do not put your 3d TV near an open staircase, cable, balcony, or other objects that can make you stumble.