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Romanian hacker group succeeded hacking The Daily Telegraph. They were allegedly was so upset with Daily Telegraph reporting that says the gypsies came from or the same as Romania.

Daily Telegraph Sub channel that has been hacked is 'Short Breaks' and 'Wine and Dine'. Instead of viewing the news, Daily Telegraph Sub channel displays a black screen and the flag of Romania with a number of writings, including a statement ' gypsies are not the same as Romanian, stupid'.

Daily Telegraph page that has been defaced also displays a link to a Russian site that plays 'The Lonely Shepherd' song.

The method that has been used to hack the Daily Telegraph has not been determined.
Furthermore, if translated, the words under the flag means' sick of watching such rubbish. . . call us Romanians as gypsies'. The hackers were also denounced the British, which allows the delivery of bad television shows such as Top Gear.