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A cat has the ability to recognize faces faster and more efficient than a super computer. This fact then became one of the reasons why the cat brain was become the inspiration for super fast computer design project.

Wei Lu, computer experts from Michigan University climbed more steps forward in developing a revolutionary machine that has faster ability to learn and recognize an object. Super fast computers which are also able to make complex decisions and perform more tasks simultaneously than conventional computers.

Big News Networks reported, previously Wei Lu ever build 'memristor,' a device that replaces the traditional transistor that acts like a biological synapses.

Now, Wei Lu and his team demonstrated that memristor capable to connect conventional circuit and support the processes that formed the basis for memory storage and learning processes in biological systems.

"We built a set of computers that works similar to the brain," said Wei Lu.

According to him, the main idea of designing a super fast computer is to use a completely different paradigm with conventional computers. "The cat brain set realistic goals because it's easier than the human brain, but still very difficult to repeat it in the complexity and efficiency," he explained.

Super fast computer which was developed by Lu claimed can complete certain tasks with the cat brain functionality and a massive machine with more than 140,000 units of the data processing center. "Yet still, their performance is still 83 times slower if compared with the performance of the cat brain," he said.