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United States reportedly was training people to hack computer networks. Through the United States Department of Defense at the Pentagon, these people would be anti hacker troops to counter attacks from hackers to U.S.

Jay Bavisi, President of the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Counci) says, to fight hackers, US must have an army of hackers as well.

"Training is focused on the art of hacking, using the equipment and the same tricks used by the traditional hackers," Bavisi said.

EC-Council is appointed by the Pentagon to oversee the training program for Department of Defense (DoD) United States staff related to computer security. Each participant will receive a certificate after completing the training.

"The entire staffs of Department of Defense are not taught to hack. Participants learn to maintain networks computer from the hackers," Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Eric Butterbaugh said.

According to him, the purpose of the training is to teach Department of Defense staff to maintain their computer networks.

As is known, throughout 2009 the Department of Defense noted the attack on their computer network reaches 45,000. This year, is expected to increase approximately 60 percent

With these forces hopefully they are able to maintain Department of Defense computer network, although the way that they use is the same as the general hackers use.

Training will take approximately 40 hours of instruction and reading about 4500 pages of latest hacking techniques.