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How I Will Die AppWe all have to realize that we live only once. Someday we all will meet our death.

Yes one day, the day that we can not know for sure.

And it will be more fun if we can figure out when and how we are going to die because if we know it for 100% we will become more appreciative our lives today.

So if you really want to know when and how you will die, you can use “How I Will Die” application for iPhone and android. This app is able to predict the date of your death and how you will die.

This application is quite easy to be use. You only need to click "Quick Test" or "Accurate Test". For Quick Test you only need to fill in your name, birth date, genders then click "Ask" and you will find pages that contain information about dates and how you will die.

How I Will Die AppNext, you can click "See Your Obituary", here you can design your own Obituary card and download it or send it to the people that you love or you can share it via facebook.

Obituary CardWhile for "Accurate Test" you have to fill in some information about your habits, religion, and others.

Curious to know when and how you will die?

You can download How I will die app:
1. iPhone Full version or Lite version.
2. Android Full version or Lite version.