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Setera 4.0 Map Quiz GameThe world is having diverse country with different cultures and languages. And you will realize how beautiful and rich our world is if you want to learn more about our world.

That is why we need to learn about geography a science that studies about a location and a similarities and differences of physical and human phenomena on earth surface.

It is not only about what and where, but also why something is there and not somewhere else. Geography also studied about the consequences of those differences.

And to make you love to learn more about geography then you can use Setera 4.0 a Map quiz game, a fun new way to learn about geography.

Setera 4.0 provides a map exercises, flag exercises and quiz exercises. Each activity has a list of high scores so you can see your progress.

Setera has been translated into nine languages and in the newest update 4.0 versions, this games has include new languages such as Serbian, Romanian, Norwegian and Chinese (simplified).

Setera 4.0 Map quiz game is compatible for all type of Windows OS such as Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You can download Setera 4.0 through this Map quiz game page.