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Robocop GlassesOften we see in action movies like "Robocop" in which the robot police can identify a person's face through his eyes, and now police in Brazil would have the same ability as Robocop.

In order to welcoming the World Cup 2014, Brazilian police will be armed with special glasses that able to identify / recognize a person in a matter of seconds.

These glasses able to scan 400 faces in one second the scan results are sent to their database (able to store 13 million face) through a wireless connection.

Then the database will search for similar faces in their database and then sends back the search result to the glasses by turn on the red color signals when there is an identifiable face. And then, the police will arrest the person if necessary.

This facial scanner is able to identify a person's face through 46,000 points on the face so the result is quite accurate.

These glasses can also scanned people face up to 50 m of distance.

Pic :Geeky-Gadgets