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The Twitter application launch by Research In Motion (RIM) was a little bit too late compared with the launch of twitter application by other hardware or software manufacturers. However, at least a special client for Twitter is now ready to emerge.

RIM will present an open beta version of Twitter for BlackBerry.

This early versions of twitter application is still very modest compared with other third party twitter applications like Seesmic or UberTwitter.

However, in this open beta, RIM has added a notification feature for the new Tweet and reply, as well as a list of BlackBerry Message in addition from ping for direct messages. Creating, viewing and edit twitter list is also included.

In this application, there is no facility to show Twitter trends, however, when the final version is released later, those features will be presented.

If you are interested in trying out this new Twitter application for BlackBerry made by RIM, you can have it from Test Center on BlackBerry App World Application. For North American and UK users also can pick it up via BlackBerry Beta Zone http://www.blackberry.com/betazone/, or directly form BlackBerry handsets on http://www.blackberry.com/betazone/.

This Twitter application is available for BlackBerry smartphones which using the latest BlackBerry OS version 4.5 or higher with at least 64MB memory.