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Apple finally agreed to Opera Mini for iPhone to be displayed in the App Store. Previously, Opera had worried that the application is not accepted because Apple prohibits for a browser application or other applications that are already available by default on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Opera Mini finally pass Apple filter on April 12, 2010 after more than 20 days since registration and from now on Opera Mini applications will be available in the App Store beginning today and can be used freely.

Although worried, so far Opera optimistic in Opera Mini will be accepted by Apple because technically the application does not violating SDK (software development kit) provided by Apple. When used for accessing the internet, Opera Mini does not run the process on the iPhone device but will provides a command to run the application from Opera server.

Opera will perform all process and sends the requested data with high compression. Opera Mini is claimed capable of compressing data up to 90 percent, so this application promising cost savings and fast internet access for iPhone users.