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Now there is a website which is allows internet users to compare Celebrities twitter follower, to check are they dumbest or smartest follower.

Tomscott.com provides column to compare two celebrities twitter follower. The 'battle' button will help visitors to get the results.

'Most members of Twitter are fools. People like this are a people who want to be a celebrity follower. Here you can see, which celebrity dominated by fools follower? " Tom Scott said.

According to Tom Scott, through a column of Q (Q & A) on the site, the term 'stupid' can be measured by some specific indicators. Such as body mass index, 'stupid battle' to twitter also use special indicators generated from the number of follower who sends a message to the celebrity.

The indicators are how often they use the word OMG (Oh My God), whether they are able to use the Shift key, and whether the message sent has a correlation.

When tested by HiTechno Corner, when we compared artists, like Lady Gaga, Stephen Fry and Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber is the one who have many stupid followers. While Ashton Kutcher, when compared with the same celebrities, dominated by smart follower.