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Dozens of teenagers managed to attract hundreds of thousands YouTube visitors attention. In the video, some young guys destroy the iPad with a baseball bat. They break the iPad in front of Best Buy retail store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To this day, the video has attracted approximately 280,000 YouTube visitors.

One teenager who was in the video named Justin Kockot, aged 19 years. Apparently he also has made a video titled "Brand new ipad getting smashed by a baseball bat".

'I just want to be the first guy who breaks the iPad, before somebody else do it. I am sure this will be something that will be done by everyone, "said Kockott.

Justin Kockot was well aware, that many people will hate him for doing this. But he also believes most people will consider this matter fairly.

"Actually, I do not hate the iPad. In fact I have two ipad devices at home. I actually really enjoyed iPad," he said.

Apple itself claimed has been sold up to 300,000 units in the first opening day.

Brand New iPad Getting Smashed By A Baseball Bat Video