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UFO is REAL!!! Recently Russia has introduced a program to develop a strong and multifunctional aircraft. And the coolest thing in this project is the aircraft design is similar to the UFO aircraft!!!

The Locomoskayner is an aircraft which is capable of functioning not only with the helium, but also equipped with hot water cells to regulate its floating system.

Propulsion designs obtained from several electricity sources and the small wings on the outskirts of the stomach gives additional power to climb.

The aircraft that has an unusual shape similar with UFO, it has additional purpose. The UFO shape is functioned to provide extra stability and ability against the flow of air when the aircraft floating above the ground.

Locomoskayners Model is expected to be used for public and cargo transportation, supervision and monitoring of objects in the air. The largest version of this aircraft can carry 600 tons of weight in the air.

This project has been running for 5 years and based in the city of Ulyanovsk, 900 km east of Moscow. This project developers plan to invest U.S. $ 90 million for this sophisticated "UFO".