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iPhone is a phone full of phenomenon. I guess you are all already known what kind of weakness that IPhone have. But today there is good news to cover iPhone weakness. From now on you can say goodbye to the lack of memory card support that give you limitation to store your files.

ZoomIt is your answer. ZoomIt is a gadget that could increase hard drive capacity on your iPhone or iPod Touch that serves as an external memory card slot for SD cards.

By connectingZoomIt to iPhone / iPod Touch port after you are installing ZoomIt application automatically you have an additional iPhone / iPod Touch hard drive. ZoomIt is not just ordinary additional hard drive for through existing applications makes ZoomIt integrated with your iPhone so you can see photos / videos and listen to music, just like the same file that being stored on the iPhone.

Even it seem less efficient because ZoomIt position is outside the iPhone but at least it became the solution for your iPhone / iPod Touch that need more capacity. ZoomIt sold for U.S. $ 59.95 which is included SD memory card from Kingston for 4 GB.