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We may have heard the plan from Microsoft will launch the new Microsoft Office 2010 some time ago and a lot of features that reported much better than previous Office, especially Office 2007. Unfortunately, until this time there is no information that is completely clear when and what features will be offered by the new Microsoft Office 2010.

Perhaps because so many people who have not patiently waiting, Microsoft finally issued Microsoft Office 2010 movie. What the hell is going on???

Why do we call it a movie rather than ads because the Microsoft Office 2010 ads is more worthy called as a film because many fight scenes show than the new features in Microsoft Office 2010.

Hmmm, we actually also a little bit confused what Microsoft Office 2010 trying to say in this movie, but there are some things that we can "catch" as the return of Clippy? Clippy is paper clip icon, which is always trying to help us when there is a problem.

Also there is something new on Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Power Point and the return of Visio that had disappeared for a while. Okay, once we get more information about Office 2010 we will report it to you all soon.

Pic by : tcxpr