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A high technology company in Maryland under Pentagon contracts has created a robot that can fill the energy itself with organic material, such as grass, wood, old furniture and even human corpses. Robotic Technology Company Inc. has been created Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robots (EATR), which can find by itself and extract energy from the environment bioma and other organic sources of energy, as well as traditional fuel such as gas, kerosene diesel, propan, and solar.

Bioma source of energy and other organic energy is not limited to plant material, but also animal and human energy can also fill out this robot EATR, burning organic material for heating water in a closed flow of energy to generate electricity. The advantage of this robot EATR are suitable for the military world, where the robot can move to explore flexible energy source and loiter for several months, even yearly, without having to re-fill.

Based on EATR platform, Pentagon can develop this robot method for other needs, such as for transportation, communications center and mobile guns. Robotic Technology represents EATR as artificial creations, even the earlier purposes are originally intended for the military needs.