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Many people today use internet to be connected with each other, it mean also the opportunity someone have an affair is very wide open. With internet everybody no matter man or women can make an affair secretly. But now you don`t need to worry because now there is anti affair software, namely, Spector. This software can read back all the information in the computers, e-mail, memos, personal financial statements, to the pictures.

Spector worked secretly, and every few seconds taking a snapshot of each activity in the computer and save them. All you need to do to read the information is entering the password, and all information will appear in front of your eye. The good news is your couple that being spy by you through this software will not know that they being observed. Many man and woman in Europe and United States secretly already apply this program on their computer.

This way will make you capable to prevent your couple affair becoming worst. What do you think about it ???