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Personal Baby AssistantFor those of you who have babies and really want to record all matters relating to your baby, maybe you need to have this personal baby assistant gadget.

Onaroo PBA (Personal Baby Assistant) is a small gadget that will store all data about your baby from their sleeping time, feeding, changing diapers until the eaten drugs.

Onaroo personal baby assistant can also be used as a reminder when the baby should drink milk, taking medication or changing diapers.

Personal Baby AssistantOnaroo PBA is made in simple form for easy data input and view critical data about the baby. Onaroo PBA will also be connected directly to Onaroo web site and upload all available data to the web so you can see everything more clearly and with graphs.

Personal Baby AssistantThis kind of tools and systems are not something new, especially if you already have iPhone, this personal baby assistant application can be found cheaper at USD 1 but if you do not have iPhone then Onaroo PBA is cheaper (only USD 50) than you have to buy iPhone.