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iPhone is indeed fascinate gadget and provide many benefits for us. But besides as a communication tool, with the appropriate application you will have more control functions with your iPhone.

It turns out iPhone can be converted into long distance remote control to control your home alarm system, monitoring your kids, home from anywhere to give us a sense of security wherever we are.

Platinum Protection has released an application for the iPhone that allows you to control your alarm systems, monitoring your child and home from anywhere.

IPhone App Platinum Protection has been designed very well so this app can be use so easily by anyone (user friendly). You can customize the notification settings, manage access for multiple users, and view the status of your system from your iPhone so easily.

The system history in Platinum Protection Systems iPhone App will allow you to view any information that occurs in your home and your child in 60 days. And you also get all of the information that you need in real time via email and text message alerts.

With the benefits that we can get from Platinum Protection iPhone App then this application become must have application that must be installed on your iPhone.

So if tiu really want to feel safe and have a peace of mind, download this Platinum Protection iPhone App now!!!