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A beverage machines in Japan is using face recognition technology to recommend the right drink to its users based on age and gender. As a result, the sale of these machines has tripled.

This beverage machines is developed by JR East Water Business Co., a subsidiary of JR East Co. is using a large touch panel screen with sensors to recognize human character.

The labels 'Recommended' will appear in a certain beverage products. The recommendation is also performed by the beverage machines depends on temperature and time.

"If the customers are a man, then the beverage machines will recommend a canned coffee drinks because men tend to choose these products. If the customer is 50 years old then the machine will recommend green tea," said JR East Co Water Business spokesperson. While women in the age of 20 will be recommended drink tea or other drinks that much sweeter.

"We think that this beverage machines would be more fun for our customers to have interaction with the machines. In addition, buyers will also enhance their experience in buying canned drink," JR East Co Water Business spokesperson added.