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computer chipIBM has launched a new type of computer chip that can integrate electrical and optical nano devices in silicon. This technology allows the supercomputer to calculate a million-trillion or exaflop in one second.

IBM researchers said the chip is a thousand times faster than the strongest petaflop machined. Such computers have the processing power close to the human brain. The main constraint is a time which is required to transmit a large amount of data between chips.

IBM also has developed a variety of small nanophotonic switches, waveguides, detectors and modulators which are all made of silicone and can be integrated directly into the chip.

supercomputer chip
Now, silicon which form electrical circuits and chip transistors can be used to convert and deliver photon and passes between chips with high speed.

Head of Nano Research Group University of Southampton in UK, Hiroshi Mizuta, said that this will greatly increase the speed and power consumption of computer chips. "Performance (computing) will be severely limited by the interconnection," he said.