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Maybe this iPhone application inspired by Tiger Woods scandals because from application name for this newest iPhone application itself are using Tiger as first name. This iphone application surely will help bad people to make some fraud action or having smooth affair.

If ordinary SMS is sent, the sms will settle on the phone receiver or server operators but TigerText application offers something different. TigerText was able to delete the messages without leaving a trace at all, after the recipients read the text message.

Once the 'age' message ended, the trail will not be found either on the phone or on the server. The recipient can only read the text message but was not given any chance to save it. This is possible because server from TigerText not actually send the text or sms to phone destination.

The TigerText creator, Jeffrey Evans said that TigerText intended to protect privacy rather than support the fraud activity.

Not only capable to erase SMS traces, TigerText application also reportedly capable to erase phone calls trace. Cool application for you who like to cheat on your wife or husband .