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Samsung prepares Android operating system for their newest cell phone to compete against Motorola, and make them as the number one mobile phone vendors globally.

Reportedly, Samsung will release their newest mobile phone, Samsung SHW-M120S that will be the next mobile phone embedded with Android. In addition Samsung SHW-M120S will be paired with a Bluetooth 3.0 version. This feature will help transferring files between mobile phones could become bigger and faster.

In addition, Samsung SHW-M120S also comes with a 3.3 inch screen and coated with AMOELED, not only that, 5 megapixel camera with autofocus is also embedded in this cell phone.

Unfortunately, Samsung did not want to say much about the cell phone full specifications. But clearly, according to rumors, Samsung Shw-M120S will be marketed for the first time in South Korean market.

Samsung SHW-M120S General Specification :