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One more Legria family from Canon present among us. Small compact Canon Legria FS200 a camera recorder (camcorder).

With weight only 230 grams, mini body, according to the size of a woman's hand. The distance from finger to buttons operation is not too far away. By only using one finger and thumb, user can achieve power position, zoom, and the function keys and recorder.

Canon Legria FS200 feature is not much different from HFS11 Canon camera recorders. Except for memory storage, FS200 was quite efficient. Although not providing an internal memory which is usually integrated in camera, Canon Legria FS2 gives users the flexibility to store video and images in own memory, or using a microSD external memory. The benefit is Canon Legria FS2 user is left to prepare FS200 memory capacity according to user ability.
The absence of internal memory in Canon Legria FS200 gives more benefit. One of them is faster loading when user want to see their image or video results that have been recorded. Other benefit is Canon Legria FS2 battery life longer than the other camcorders. Lithium ion batteries on Canon Legria FS200 can last until almost 4 hours.

Canon Legria FS200 lens capable to 41 times magnification zoom advanced. Other Canon Legria FS200 feature is the snapshot. This feature allows video recording 5 seconds before user press the play button. Moreover, pre-rec feature which enables recording scene 3 seconds before record button was pressed, and Dual Shot that allow users to record video and captured images simultaneously.

Another great feaure on Canon Legria FS200 is picture cutter feature, which allows user to cut live video on the viewfinder screen measuring 2.7 inches, just by clicking the scissors icon.

Canon Legria FS200 armed 1/6-inch CCD 680 pixels and produces images with MPEG-2 format with a recording time with highest quality for 10 minutes per 1 GB.

Canon Legria FS200 Specifications
Dimension: 2.2x2.3x4.8 inches
Weight: 230 grams
Storage capacity: None, SD / SDHC
Resolution: 680K pixels (340K effective, 4:3), 1/6-inch CCD
LCD size: 2.7-inch LCD, 123K dots
Lens: 37x, f2.6-96.2, 45.8-1,695 mm (35mm equivalent)
Minimum illumination: 5 lux
File format (video, audio): MPEG-2 (. MOD), Dolby Digital Stereo
Resolution (video / photo): 720x480 / 1.024 x768
Recording time: 10 minutes per 1GB
Battery: Lithium ion rechargeable, 3 hours and 25 minutes