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 Air FiltersDid you know that air filters for most cars are need to be replaced at least once a year even though it seems the air filter is still in good condition???

In fact, air filters need to be replaced frequently if the car are routinely used in a dusty environment or used in extreme conditions.

From time to time, the pipeline efficiency level into the air filter will fade away. If this situation is runs too long, your car can not function properly. The result is even though the air filter is still looks clean but your car will become not efficient in fuel consumption and the car power will decrease.

Inefficient in fuel consumption and decreasing the car power depending on how long you let your air filter condition. The longer you hold it the more it will decrease your car service level. To overcome this problem is easy and cheap. Just replace your air filter now!!!

For those of you who want to maximize your car power, you can start by replacing the standard air filter to high performance air filter.

General character of high quality air filters, besides providing greater air flow with smaller limitations compare to the standard air filter.