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Recently Panda Security antivirus firm find a malware on HTC Magic Android smartphone. This malware is associated with Mariposa botnet that already infected 12.7 million computers.

"Today one of our colleagues received a new HTC Vodafone Magic with Google's Android operating system," Pedro Bustamante a researcher writes at Panda Research blog.

"The interesting thing is when the phone is connected to a PC via USB then Panda Cloud Antivirus detects autorun.inf and autorun.exe as a dangerous threat (malicious)," he wrote.

"A brief observation sees a possibility that HTC Magic Android phone will quickly release the infection and spread to all personal computers which is connected to this mobile phone."

"The Malware is started to call back its origin source for the instruction," Bustamante writes.

The malware are connected with Mariposa botnet, but there are other malware on the device, Conficker and the Trojan password thieves.

The Register said that Vodafone are investigating this matter.

Last week, three people were arrested in Spain over the charges of operating a massive botnet that is composed of 12.7 million personal computers to steal credit card and log-in data banks and infected half from thousand Fortune company computers and more than 40 banks.

Botnet is called Mariposa which means butterfly in Spanish