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iUnika, Spain-based company has shown four of their latest netbook LibreMeeting event sponsored by Free Knowledge Foundation in Madrid. Among their latest netbook, there are two super netbook models that support environmentally friendly solar panels and the bio-materials that made from plastic.

These environmentally friendly super netbook are sold in price 130 to 160 euro or 180 to 220 USD, 700 grams of weight, Linux operating system and processor speed 400MHz.

iUnika also put 64GB of flash memory as a saving media, 128MB RAM, WiFi and 10/100 Ethernet for connectivity. Netbook with 8-inch screen is capable of supporting 800x480 pixels resolution.

Although there are versions that use solar panels to the chassis that made from bio-plastics that can be recycled, it shows from the panel image the panel is not sufficient to produce power more than 4 watts.

With power consumption of about 3-4 watts, most likely the solar panels are only enough to save the data just after the battery ran out and you have to shutdown this net book. However, this kind of efforts to make these environmentally friendly net book worth two thumbs up.