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Computer today can not be separated from our life. Many our life task can be worked so easily and faster with computer. Besides helping us with our task, computer also allow us to have fun playing games, listening great music also viewing or edit our photo.

To make it easier and fun for sure we need best PC utilities such as file compression, photo editor, files transfer, music player, movie or DVD player, etc.

There a lot PC utility out there but you have to make sure that you are using the best PC utilities only. So the question is where we can find our best PC utilities source???

ALTools will be the answer because ALTools is about user friendly, fast and usefull.

ALTools provide you with:
- ALzip the best compression file in 2 clicks only.
- ALSee tools for viewing and editing image or photo that simple and easy to use with pro result.
- ALFTP that allow you to transfer files easier to share your files under 10 minutes.
- ALSong music player that allow you to be your own internet DJ
- ALShow allow you to play your movies and DVD without downloading codec
- ALPass secure and safe way to store your login ID and password
- ALToolbar allow you to access login info and bookmark from anywhere you like.
- ALTools Desktop Wallpaper to make your computer looks good and fun.

Cool huh??? So now are your ready to have your own best PC utilities???

Just go and get your own ALTools today!!!