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The dream from many computer users would be the presence of operating system that could compete with microsoft will eventually become real. Google, the company that spawned many interesting applications and free will soon release their newest Google Chrome OS on second quarter of 2010 and its main target is the Netbook user.

Google Chrome OS will run on x86 and ARM processor, a netbook with Nvidia chips to tegra netbook with AMD Neo platfrom can use Google Chrome OS. Google Chrome also said that the OS can be run to a computer with such low energy netbook to desktop computers with abundant energy.

HTML 5 technologies will also be an integral part of Chrome OS. Many Internet users doubted if they running web applications when they are not connected to the internet, but with HTML 5 will everything will change totaly. User still can work through the browser, although not connected with internet. Google Chrome the OS seems to be as a sign not only to assert that Google has grown, but also to disturb the comfort of microsoft.

Like Chrome Browser, Chrome OS will be made with an open source taste. Can not wait to hear what microsoft said about Google plans after hearing this?! But whatever they said Google Chrome OS is not something interesting and great but it would be something revolutionary in the Field of Operating System

Pic by : eeepcnews