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Surveys show that almost one from two women would prefer not to have sexual activity during for two weekends rather than without having Internet access according to the survey results on 2119 adults conducted online research company Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel Corp as the largest computer chip manufacturer company in the world.

46% women who are in the opinion poll revealed, that they prefer without sex for two weeks rather than not having access to the Internet in the same period and about 95 percent of those who surveyed said "very important or somewhat important" to be able to access the Internet.

Approximately about 65 percent of respondents ranked providing Internet access above other expenses, such as cable television (39 percent), eating out (20 percent), buying clothes (18 percent) or health club memberships (10 percent).

Most of the women respondents (61 percent) said they prefer not to watch television for two weekends rather not have internet access for a week only.

According to Harris Interactive and Intel, the survey was conducted on November 18-20,2008 but they did not give the percent error tolerance (margin error) survey results.

Pic by : sputnik