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It looks like robots will actually be serious threat for some workers in the future. Once we hear there is a robot that can replace the task of a teacher, security officer, Bartender, and now robot also becoming serious threat to the professional model.

HRP-4C is a robot that can walk with style just like professional models do. This HRP-4C robot was created by the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

HRP-4C have 158 cm high and 43 kg weight and using 30 motor in motor drive and 8 motor at the front that provide a different expression from angry, surprised, and also smiling. Here the HRP-4C video :

Recently in Osakadan, HRP-4C robot start its first debut as a model in wedding dress design Yumi Katsura a famous designer in Japan. On this fashion show HRP-4C robot can smoothly walk like a real model on a stage with a length of 10m. Does not believe it? Watch this video:

Pic By : slipperybrick